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New Page: “Quotes”

Brooklyn By Way of Syracuse has a new page.  In addition to the “Home” and “About” pages, is “Quotes.”  On this link the reader will find anecdotes from musicians, writers and other brilliant minds that are relevant to the purpose of this blog: using music to enlighten the mind and uplift the spirit.  While this page will expand with time using quotes from various sources, two of the first three listed today are from drummer Max Roach and author Nelson George, two Brooklyn-Bred men who’ve been so touched by the power of melody and rhythm, they’ve turned their love around to influence their respective communities. Hopefully this quotes will help jumpstart the brains and souls of any music lover who’s visits Brooklyn By Way of Syracuse.

“Music is the dominant force in my life.  To me, the most important thing is music.  The musician and the instrument are subservient to it.” 

– Max Roach, Jazz Drummer/Composer

“…Great art is a projection of an individual’s highest, most evolved self and that its creation flows from the God within them, an inner energy that transcends their everyday human traits.  The transcendent power of art derives directly from how it connects the creator and the audience to the highest, most divine part of themselves.”

Nelson George, Author/Filmmaker

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