I posted this last year. I’ll will continue to post it as long as it’s message can be heard.

Well-Dressed Headphone Addict

Good morn’ or evening, friends!  Black History Month is forever defunct.  The Well-Dressed Headphone Addict has declared that the government appointed 28 day period that highlights achievements by African-Americans is officially obsolete!  Now, pay attention to this next sentence: THE  TERM “BLACK HISTORY” IS REDUNDANT AND REPETITIVE.  Black history is human history; Black Men are pieces of clay molded into the image of their Creator, the Creator of all.  Spiritual beliefs aside, Black people were first on the Earth and all humans are derivative of them.  The practice of vigorously celebrating the accomplishments of important men and women of color during the month of February only, is as futile as it is dismissive.  It’s the same mentality that has ignorant folks believing and spouting that racism is no longer an issue now that America has its first Black President.

In the context of music, every single genre and sub-genre one can possibly try…

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  1. Nardia Watson
    March 13, 2012 at 4:53 am

    The article on Whitney was well written and honest. You captured her greatness, her highs and her lows and you did it respectfully. The world will never experience another Whitney Houston she is one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived.

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