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V.I.P.s & Me: Jose James

Me (not so well-dressed) with singer/songwriter Jose James, following his 1st NYC Jazz Club performance at the Jazz Standard in October 2011.

He’s the man with the Glenlivet baritone; a refreshingly cold-to-the-touch vocal delivery that warms and inebriates each of his listeners and onlookers.  José James has known rivers, allowing his muse to guide him from his native Minneapolis, to Seattle, over to London, and has now found himself in Brooklyn. His albums, The Dreamer (2008), BlackMagic (2010) and For All We Know (2010) have been explorations in jazz, hip-hop and electronica, within all of which you can pinpoint his inspirations, which are about as varied as they might seem: John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Ice Cube, J Dilla, Michael Jackson, Bobby McFerrin. He treats his albums like a child treats a shiny new Christmas gift, embracing, playing and mastering it until it’s time conquer the next toy, without so much as a backward glance. His forthcoming release, No Beginning No End, an exploration of soul, is just another block he walks in his metropolis of genre-shattering self-discovery.

*This is the intro to my interview with Jose – “Jose James: Unlocking the Code” –  published by The Revivalist Magazine in February 2012.  To read the interview in its entirety, go to the  link herehttp://revivalist.okayplayer.com/2012/01/31/jose-james-unlocking-the-code/ *

*Special thanks to Eric Sandler, The Revivalist, and it’s parent web-mag, Okayplayer.com*

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