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Be Like Water: The Shape Shifting Singer Lalah Hathaway

Lalah Hathaway had a dream. We all have dreams. The word “dream” itself implies that what we aspire to do or become is lofty. On the other side of that coin, it also means whatever that dream is must be wonderfully perfect. In the era when Hathaway was growing up, children used to aspire to become astronauts; a seemingly glamorous occupation that actually requires an unmatched application of ingenuity, intelligence, discipline and nerves that few can achieve or sustain. However, for the few that do, the payoff of traversing the spectacular unknowns of outer space or gazing upon the surface of the planet from the weightless confines of a space shuttle is well worth the preparation and pitfalls.

For Hathaway, her dream to be a singer is not unlike the dream millions had to become space men; enduring unprecedented amounts of repetition, scrutiny, and luck, but once that voice is heard on a radio by its creator, that’s a feeling as high and euphoric as walking on the moon’s dusty, gray surface.

Her voice is a constantly evolving instrument that takes the form of any container you put it in, evident from her countless vocal credits for jazz cats, R&B crooners and gospel heads. The exotic fluidity she exercises through her vocal chords defines her indefinable artistry. As the daughter of legendary singer/musician Donny Hathaway, her path to pursue music has been neither ideal nor easy, but for her, it was never in doubt. Singing was her top choice on a career list that was one item long.

Read the whole article at iRockJazz.com: http://irockjazz.com/2012/07/be-like-water-the-shape-shifting-singer-lalah-hathaway/

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