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Live Review: Raul Midon at Joe’s Pub (Originally Published in Elmore Magazine)

Had Raul Midon’s albums been released in the 1970’s, he would be considered a legend by now.  Since 2005, the blind singer/songwriter’s three albums contain the university spirit of luminaries like Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles.  Each track possesses moving lyrics, dynamic vocals, uncanny rhythm and magnetic choruses.  However, there’s no replacement for the experience of him live.  Using his patented “slap attack” technique he’ cultivated for years, the 46-year-old artist has been singing his way into the hearts of many fans all across the globe.  Midon developed those incomparable chops in New York clubs like Joe’s Pub.  It’s appropriate that he chose to record he first live album there.

Midon’s prowess as a one man band was on full display.  The audience watched him play polyrhythmic guitar, bongos and trumpet mimicry with his mouth, all simultaneously!  Mining material from his studio albums, the best of the 12 song set were four new compositions, like “Was it Ever Really Love,” a story of false impressions and lost hope.  The wistful “Listen to the Rain,” featuring Midon on piano, was simple and sublime, prompting an audience member to lovingly yell “overachiever.”  The showstopper was his signature song, “State of Mind,” driving everyone to sing along without prompt.

*Originally featured in Elmore Magazine, Issue 52 September/October 2012*

Here’s a clip of  “Sunshine (I Can Fly)” from the Joe’s Pub performance,  featured on the forthcoming live album, Invisible Chains

Raul Midon’s album release show celebrating Invisible Chains will be at City Winery in New York City on September 19, 8pm!  For tickets, go here: http://www.citywinery.com/newyork/raul-midon-9-19.html

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