Lyrics 2 Go

The “Lyrics 2 Go” Page of the Well-Dressed Headphone Addict Music Blog is dedicated to the words of the greatest poets of all time.  Ranging from the pop songs of Motown Records, to the gritty rhymes of rap music’s “Golden Age,” this is a page where readers and followers can retrieve wisdom of lyrics, past and present.  Over time, it will be updated, covering every possible topic and experience a human can possibly hope, or dread, to encounter.  The existence of this page as extra outlet to help you all enhance your education and appreciation of the music in your life, thus enriching all manners of your being.

“The way you wrecked my life was like sabotage/The love I saw in you was just a mirage.”

– William “Smokey” Robinson, “The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage”

“Some people think great God will come from the sky/Take away everything and make everybody feel high/But you know what life is worth/You would look for yours on Earth.

– Bob Marley (The Wailers), “Get Up Stand Up”

“We look for love, no time for tears/Wasted water’s all that is/And it don’t make no flowers grow.”

– Bill Withers, “Just The Two Of Us”

“Whatever pains inside, you make it better/You seem to realize when I’m concerned/You are the only one who goes through the changes/Giving my life directions when I am turned.”

– Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers), “Make Me Say It Again, Girl”

“He gave me the will to be free/Purpose to live His reality/And I found myself never alone/Chances came to make me strong/To step right up and be a man/’Cause you need faith to understand/So we’re saying for you to hear/Keep your head in faith’s atmosphere.

– Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire), “Keep Your Head to the Sky”

“Superman can fly high way up in the sky, ’cause we believe he can/So what we choose to believe, can always work out fine/It’s all in the mind.”

– Luther Vandross, “Make Me a Believer”

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