Other Web-Work

Here, you will find links to web-exclusive articles, columns and blog posts from Well-Dressed Headphone Addict Founder/Writer, Matthew Allen.

Ebony Magazine:
Web-Exclusive Interviews, Profiles and Commentary on Music, Entertainment and Culture

Jidenna: The Chief of Hip-Hop

Soul Singer Sharon Jones Fights Cancer in Griping New Film

Films About Slavery Are Important, Even If You’re Tired of Them

Anderson .Paak: Creating a Unique Voice Without Fingerprints

Kendrick Lamar Raises the Rap Bar for Live TV

Where Have All the Black TV Couples Gone?

The Story of Gary Clark, Jr.

The Root
Interviews, Profiles and Commentary on Music, Entertainment and Culture

Should Black Artists Care About The Grammys?

Burning Jerseys: The Distant Cousin of Lynching

‘Radical Christian Terrorism’: Doesn’t Sound Nice, Does It?

Michael Jackson’s Bad: 30 Years Ago the King of Pop Hit His Prime … so Why Is That Album Underrated?

Esperanza Spalding on the Peace Ball, Trump and Life After ‘Emily’

The Village Voice
Interviews with Musicians and Filmmakers

Notes on a Native Son: Raoul Peck and the Resurrection of James Baldwin

Q&A: Christian Scott On Completing His Name, Speaking Through Song Titles, And Turning The Next Generation On To Jazz

Elmore Magazine: Saving America Music
Web-Exclusive Reviews of Albums, Concerts, DVDs and Music-Related Literature

Chrisette Michele, Live at SummerStage Springfield Park in Queens, NY (currently on the home page)

Myron Walden’s Countryfied (Demi Sound Records)
CD Review: Myron Walden’s \”Countryfied\” (Demi Sound Records)

Eric Clapton – The 1960’s Review
DVD Review: Eric Clapton – The 1960\’s Review

The Jeff Lorber Fusion, Live at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York, NY
Concert Review: The Jeff Lorber Fusion

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey’s One Day in Brooklyn (Kinnara Records)
CD Review: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey\’s One Day in Bklyn

Issac Hayes’ Hot Buttered Soul, re-issue (Stax Records)
CD Review: Isaac Hayes\’ Hot Buttered Soul re-issue

Quincy Jones: The 75th Birthday Celebration Live at Montreux 2008
DVD Review: Quincy Jones 75th Birthday

Up The Way Magazine – SocialNetwork Site for African-American Professionals
The Melodic Mediator Blog

“Badu Fogs Up the ‘Window Seat’…With Truth”

“Changing the Music Starts at Home”

“Guilty Pleasures: A Microcosism of Human Limitation”

BRIC WALL Blog – The start of an ongoing conversation for everyone who appreciates Brooklyn and its vibrant creative life.

“To Whom It May Concern: I’m a Brooklyn-Based Music Journalist…”

“My 3-Train Ride with Brooklyn Writing Royalty”

“OkayAfrica Concert Caps Diaspora-Induced Festivals in Brooklyn”

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